4 Mistakes in website designing in Pakistan that can kill your traffic

website designing Pakistan

Are you having problems driving your bounce rate down? Maybe, you are trying to keep your site beautiful. But what actually matters is the elements that are preventing you from having more traffic.

Some web designers and companies make the terrible mistake of cluttering up the site with elements that make navigation a hard task. Pop-ups, too much text, excessive use of images and videos, auto-play music and all that are additions that do a disservice to the design.

Take notes of the following mistakes. They can turn any web into a dud.

A clever website address

A lot of web designers worry too much about the perfect pun to get an attractive name for their website. That’s cute. Remember that your website was created for the users, although it’s yours. The name can sound boring but if it’s straightforward, you will hit the nail on the head. Choose a name associated with the purpose of your website. If you want a pun, you can try it, it must indicate others what your site is about. Ask your friends and other people if it’s clear or confusing. These are the characteristics that best describe a perfect pun:website designing Pakistan

  • Easy to spell.
  • Short address. Forget about long ones.

You put too much text

Another fact you should consider is that people won’t ever read a text comprehensively. Well, at least they do so when they are using a PC. Researchers say that when you read off a screen, your eyes end up getting strained more easily making you skim pages. In a nutshell, you read between lines trying to find important information. Keeping a lot of whitespace enables users to get the information they are looking for with ease. Avoid large blocks of texts. Busy designs strain the eye.

If you are seeking to declutter your site, you can resort to website designing Pakistan. It is always best to look for expert advice in that case.

Too many options

Some people don’t clutter their sites with texts but with other elements believing they are doing the right thing. Wong. Too many options are overkill. Users feel overwhelmed when they enter a website filled to capacity with images, links, pop-ups and whatnot. They end up going away from your web in seconds. So, don’t add too many options, stay with 2 up to 6 (according to a study published by the University of Columbia). The same applies for the products section. Don’t add too many items in the stock either. Limit the number of them.

Tricky navigation

Have you wondered the average time that somebody spends on a particular website? It is said that many of us only spend minutes on them. The purpose of a site is to provide specific information, and when users find it, they go. For this reason, you can’t afford to have tricky navigation on your web. It prevents visitors from getting the information as quickly as they want. Use clear labels and visible tags, so people can click on them to facilitate the search. Just focus on making the website easy to understand and navigate.