Marcaria Barron Contreras Burkhalter

October 19, 2021

Regarding the passing of Marcaria Barron Contreras Burkhalter She is survived by her children: Connie Escamilla, Burnet, Texas; Hope Fowlds, Denver Colorado, who was Miss Throckmorton 1976; Janie Harleb, Maui, Hawaii, Miss Throckmorton 1980. Marcaria was a single mother, due to having experienced domestic violence. She rose above the difficult circumstances to raise her 11 children, whom she loved very much. She asked for no favors or gifts, and worked hard all her life at the Cafe, before retiring and marrying J. R. Burkhalter. Marcaria had 5 sons, 3 of which served in the military. They are: Santos, Domingo, Alejandro, Steve, and David. She was a warrior. she stood for all that is good and fine. When people saw her at the Cafe, they were amazed at the beautiful woman, so regal and kind. She rose at 4 AM, by 5:30 the coffee drinkers had arrived. She kept the coffee piping hot. so with that I will end, there will never be such a woman again.